Securely Storing and Sharing Cloud Files

Computerworld recently suggested How to Keep the Feds from Snooping on Your Cloud Data. The article notes several services that allow users to locally-encrypt files before uploading them to Cloud storage, and that also support file or folder sharing. Vendors such as Boxcryptor, CipherCloud, Sookasa, TrustedSafe and PKWARE with its Viivo offeringI’ve blogged about some of them.

I’ve been using Viivo and have been pleased with it. When we on-boarded two new board members this year, we needed to provide them with many confidential files as part of their orientation.  I created a topical folder hierarchy in Viivo, uploaded the content, and invited the new directors to share the top-level folder (and they automatically got access to the subordinate folders). As we added new content, they received automated email notices. They reported that the process was easy. Viivo also has apps for the Android and Apple phones and tablets.

Keeping the feds from snooping on your Cloud data is only one reason to use client-side file encryption before you upload confidential data to Cloud storage.  Lawyers should be mindful of the requirement that they take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of information relating to the representation of a client. See my post on the ZixCorp Insight blog.

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